Qingdao Yong Sheng Jia Packaging Products Co., LTD.

Qingdao Yong Sheng Jia Packaging Products Co., LTD.

Qingdao Yong Sheng Jia Packaging Products Co., LTD. was established in 2003, has its own factories, many years of professional experience in plastic manufacturing, can produce PP, PSP, BOPS, PVC, PS, PET, flocking and other materials, colored plastic, pressure plastic products. Widely used in food packaging, medical packaging, electronic packaging hardware, the main products are vegetables and fruit trays, fish trays, foam trays, lunch boxes, sushi box, absorbent paper, West Point, transparent box, food Neto, egg tray, egg tray, moon cake box lid, Wan Gai, cylinder boxes, folding boxes, electronic trays, flocking plastic processing boxes, metal tool box, medical care, cosmetic packaging and other plastic packaging products, has products in the domestic broad market, but also exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries.

Companies with another sales agent supporting food packaging products, such as: paper Beiwan, plastic bags, vacuum bag, EPE EPE, labor supplies, wicker baskets, prepared foods paper tray, plastic wrap, plastic wrap packing machine, straw, trash, small soy sauce bottles, sponges and other related products.

Qingdao Packing Products Co., Ltd. Yong Sheng good inspirational to become Northern highest quality, most species, the largest manufacturer of plastic packaging products. From the outset to focus on developing and introducing to meet the health and safety and environmental protection materials and products, food and pharmaceutical products meet the health requirements, attention to customer health and environmental requirements. Companies use CAD to design the product packaging, the new avant-garde design, creative use of the customer's requirements and art in one. We have a CNC machining center, the perfect reproduction of our design philosophy. We continue to promote the improvement of product quality and service quality improvement, the pursuit of innovation and excellence. In 2008 the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued a plastic bag production permit, become one of the few to obtain QS certification manufacturer of plastic packaging products.


To provide quality products and services that we win business, the only way to survival and development.

We are committed to:

Implementation of products and customer service quality management, continuous and continuously improve work management system to meet customer expectations.

Required under the relevant international industry standards and regulatory requirements related quality standards, providing customers with quality products and quality service.

Finally won the trust of customers, to become the preferred global supplier of customer.

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